The Overlord

The stern looking professor strides back and forth in front of the silent class, his long school robes swishing in his trail. Grasped in his bony hand is a long, thin metal ruler, its edges sharp and severe. A scruffy looking boy stands with his back to a large blackboard, his dark eyes glaring at the skeletal overlord pacing to and fro. The boy’s tie is slackened and his collar undone, his shirt hangs loosely out of the bottom of his jumper and his hair is wild and his face grubby with dirt. The austere looking teacher stops and brandishes the ruler at the boy, as if unleashing a blade from its scabbard. The boy looks at the silver weapon with disinterest, which serves to only enrage the teacher more so. He turns to face the class and announces in a powerful tone.

‘Can anyone tell me what you see here?’

Not a soul stirs as the teacher scans the room for a response, his sharp beady eyes eager for another sacrifice. A nervous looking girl with pigtails sitting at the far back of the classroom raises a shaking hand timidly. The teacher’s eyes flicker with life.

‘That’s Andreas Baader sir.’ She trembles in a quivering tone.

‘And can you tell me why Mr. Baader is standing at the front of the class?’

‘He disagreed with you sir.’

The teacher wrinkles his upturned nose in disgust, unaware of the smug expression on the boy’s face behind him.

‘Correction, he was wrong.’

With a swish of his robes he turns to face the boy, his sharp, bony face leering down at him with a fierce malice. From where the boy is standing, the teacher’s face is partially shadowed, outlining the contours of his skull beneath.

‘Palms out boy.’ He demands, slapping the ruler against his hand.

The boy stares at the ruler in the teacher’s hand then fixes him with a defiant stare.


Rage consumes the teacher and he grabs hold of the boy’s arm and forces his hand up. The boy grabs hold of the teacher’s arm and tries to prise off the death grip burning into his flesh. Angered, the other teacher’s arm flies out, catching the boy on the side of the face and sending him backwards into the black board. There is a loud bang as the boy connects with it and slides down onto the floor. There are several gasps of astonishment from the class and a few hushed whispers.

‘Silence.’ The teacher roars, turning his wrath on the audience.

The boy, his left cheek bright red, forces himself to his feet on shaking legs, despite the stinging pain in his face.

‘I’m not afraid of you.’ He shouts, curling his small fingers into tight fists.

The teacher raises his eyebrows, unused to such a high level of resistance. He advances on the rebellious boy, his polished loafers echoing forebodingly across the floor. A sudden thought crosses his mind and he halts. A sinister sneer ripples across the gaunt teacher’s face.

‘Fine, I see you are not afraid of what I may do to you.’

He glances over his shoulder at the class. His gaze falls upon a long haired girl sitting near the front of the class. Her big eyes are fixed on Baader, full with awe and admiration. The teacher grabs her arm and yanks her to the front of the class. The boy’s jaw clenches but he remains still.

‘What about when I punish another for your crime?’

He forces her palms to face upwards and before Baader has time to register what has happened, the ruler smacks onto her hands, making her scream with pain. Baader goes to rush forwards but the girl shakes her head fervently, eyeing him warily. Baader restrains himself and glares at the teacher with a ferocity that unnerves him slightly. The ruler whistles through the air a second time and slaps against the girl’s already reddened skin. She bites her lip hard, forcing down a yell, a trickle of blood spilling from the punctured wound. Baader stares from the self satisfied teacher to the adamant girl, in two minds what to do.  The teacher raises his ruler for a third time but is interrupted by a loud banging. The girl with the pigtails at the back of the class is drumming her desk with her fists.

‘Be quiet.’ The teacher roars.

Another student joins in and then a third. The teacher watches on, horror stricken, as one by one the students begin banging their fists against their desks. Some of them stamp the floor with their feet and soon after the room begins to tremble with the vibrations. The teacher stares, mouth agape as his pencil holder tips of his desk and HB pencils spill over the floor. He stares at Baader, his eyes suddenly full of fear and it is time for Baader to display a sinister sneer of his own.

© [Daniel Ashby] and [Ashby Tales], [2014]. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to [Daniel Ashby] and [Ashby Tales] with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.


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